Swissdox@LiRI gives you access to news content from Switzerland that can be used for Text Mining projects. You can search through a corpus consisting of more than 30 million articles stemming from more than 300 sources. For an overview of the coverage, you can consult the page Media Sources.

In order to register / access Swissdox@LiRI, the requirements are

Attention: when you open the start page, please go to the tab Switzerland and select “University of St.Gallen” as your home institution. Do not use the generic eduID icon. If you should run into any problems, please contact

Upon your initial access, you have to accept the current Terms of Use. If you should have any questions about these Terms, please contact

Upon your initial access, you have to register one project. As each query is tied to a project, this step can not be skipped.

After the registration of a project, you can start accessing the corpus: you have the option of either working with webbased Corpus Queries or register an API access.

If you need help with navigating the platform or with building queries, you can contact

Additional information, e.g. downloading data or using an API, can be found in the LiRI Wiki.

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