Euromonitor - Passport GMID

(Euromonitor International)

Note: Access to Euromonitor Passport is licensed exclusively for members of the University of St.Gallen. Please open the access page and sign in with your SWITCH edu-ID. On the following page, you will be asked for an additional one time registration: for the required fields “course” and “department”, you can enter information at will.

The global marketing information database generated by Euromonitor International offers extensive data services for studies of countries and markets. The following data modules are provided:

  • Geographic Coverage: 100 countries –  Industries; 210 countries – Economies, Consumers and Luxury Goods
  • +115 million internationally standardised statistics
  • +24,000 market reports: global briefings; company profiles; country profiles; country reports on industries, economy, digital consumer etc.
  • Consumer Lifestyle Surveys: consumer habits, preferences, and attitudes across all areas of life
  • Quarterly Report Series on Megatrends, Brexit, Global Economy
  • Data back to 1977 for many demographic and socio-economic indicators
  • 20 years of comparable industry data: 15 years of historic data and 5-year forecasts
  • Monthly and quarterly data for key economic indicators
  • Visual Dashboards and Analytical Tools (i.e. Brexit Scenarios Tool; Future Demographics Model; Macro Model)
  • Forward-looking analysis of consumer markets
  • Industry and category market sizes, shares and growth forecasts
  • Company strategies, positioning, strengths and weaknesses
  • Economic drivers and emerging consumer trends
  • Company shares by global brand owner and national subsidiary/licensee
  • Luxury Goods