Academic Research and Writing

In addition to providing data and literature, the Library can also support you in your academic research and writing.   


Here you will find information and help on various topics, like evaluating the quality of your sources, finding guidelines for citations, working with reference management programmes or creating a PDF/A file. 

Resources for finding literature

The Library offers you HSGswisscovery as the central entry point for finding literature. You can use it to search in both our print collection and in a variety of other databases.   

Databases that can be searched with HSGswisscovery are earmarked with an  in our overview. If you get too many hits in HSGswisscovery, we recommend focussing your search directly in the databases relevant to your question.   

If a required document or article is not available in Swisscovery: check whether a version is freely available through Open Access.   

Contact us: if none of these options lead to the full text, you can contact us through   

Instruction on how to create a PDF/A file

Adhering to the PDF/A-standard is mandatory for all HSG dissertations and recommended for bachelor's and master's theses.

How to create a PDF/A file