Exceptional value –
how to consider
the cost of your
studies at HSG

You can expect a high standard of living and education at the public University of St.Gallen (HSG). Perhaps surprisingly, funding resources are available for most circumstances, making your studies more affordable than you might think. When compared in detail with other leading international universities, HSG also offers exceptional value at manageable costs. With a relaxed housing market, attractive working conditions, a high standard of living and, not least, virtually guaranteed career prospects, studying at HSG pays off in financial terms too.

At the very heart of Europe, Switzerland is one of the countries with the highest standards of living worldwide. With its hugely diverse regions and four national languages, Switzerland boasts a stable political and economic environment, extensive freedom of rights and opportunities for direct democracy, lush nature in an incredible range of landscapes and tolerant people who set great store by autonomy and quality. Switzerland also benefits from full employment, high wages and comparatively low taxes. St.Gallen, the economic hub of eastern Switzerland, is located in the northeast between the Alps and Lake Constance, in the German-speaking part of the country.

The qualities that make this part of the world so special engender a high degree of personal responsibility, including in financial matters. You will be able to secure good, affordable housing that meets your needs in no time at all. You should factor in between CHF 25,000 and 30,000 per year for your total living expenses, depending on your background and degree level. You should start with at least a small financial cushion, so that you can dedicate yourself primarily to your studies when you first arrive.

Before too long, however, you’ll be able to pick up one of the many diverse and well-paid jobs available locally on the side, which will help you to fund your studies yourself, either in whole or in part. A degree from HSG also offers superb long-term career prospects in Switzerland, a country renowned for its high wages. The Advice Center for Study Funding can also provide assistance to enrolled students.

Overview of the enrolment and tuition fees at the University of St.Gallen (HSG).

Application and processing fee (non-refundable)

CHF 250

Tuition fees for Swiss nationals

Bachelor     CHF 1,229 / semester
Master CHF 1,429 / semester
Joint Medical Master CHF 949 / semester
Ph.D.  CHF 629 / semester

Tuition fees for foreign nationals

Bachelor CHF 3,129 / semester 
Master CHF 3,329 / semester
Joint Medical Master CHF10,078 / semester
Ph.D.  CHF 1,079 / semester

Cost of living per month

Monthly expenses for Bachelor’s students

Swiss nationals


Accommodation (rent plus utilities) 665 665
Food 415 415
Communication (telephone, internet, TV, radio) 55 55
Transport (public and private) 180 180
Health (health insurance, medication, visits to doctors) 230 230
Clothing 110 110
Leisure activities (sports, culture, holidays) 115 115
Other (insurance, taxes, gifts) 100 100

Bachelor Tuition fees and study-related expenses per month



Master Tuition fees and study-related expenses per month




Total Bachelor (in CHF)



Total Master (in CHF)



Source: Swiss Federal Statistical Office (2020): Conditions of study and life at Swiss higher education institutions


* The difference between the fees for international and domestic students is due to the University’s mandate as a public university and the allocated domestic student funding associated with that.