OIF - ORBIS Insurance Focus

(Bureau van Dijk)

OIF is a database containing detailed historical financial information for 6'000 public and private insurance companies from over 100 countries around the world. Each company report contains detailed balance sheets and income statements with up to 10 years of information. It also provides ratings, news and ownership information. OIF is updated weekly. Its integrated software provides instant peer group and statistical analyses, and graphics to illustrate both individual and comparative company performance. OIF was also known as ISIS database (Insurance companies worldwide).

Important information

  • On September 15th 2023, the current IP access to ORBIS Insurance Focus is deactivated.
  • Users who have previously registered for a personal account: this access will also stop on September 15th.
  • Access to ORBIS Insurance Focus is now only possible with an edu-ID.
  • To access ORBIS Insurance Focus, you need to link your edu-ID to your HSG account. If you haven’t done so yet:
  • With this new access management, you will always land in your personal ORBIS Insurance Focus space.