Institutes and research units

We have 36 institutes and research units that are affiliated with us, but most of these are managed independently and as businesses. They play a major role in training junior research staff.

Our culture is primarily shaped by our 36 institutes and research units. They allow us to offer education, research and further education based on real-world conditions, which is what sets us apart from other universities. The institutes are primarily responsible for the fact that we self-fund over 50 percent of our costs.

Independent and entrepreneurial

In terms of funding, concepts and staff, the institutes are associated with us. The directors responsible are members of our professorial staff. Nevertheless, the institutes function for the most part as independent units managed on an entrepreneurial basis. They are especially involved in research, training and services, and advise companies and official bodies.

Interface between academia and the professional world

The HSG institutes play a major role in training early career researchers. They train institute staff at the interface between academia and the professional world. As a result, the generation of spin-off companies from our environments is specifically fostered.

The institutes of the University of St.Gallen
ACA-HSG Institute of Accounting, Control and Auditing
FAA-HSG Institute for Work and Employment Research
FGN-HSG Institute of Economics
FIM-HSG Research Institute for International Management
FIR-HSG Research Institute for Information Law
GIMLA-HSG St.Gallen Institute of Management in Latin America
IBB-HSG Institute for Educational Management and Technologies 
IBT-HSG Institute of Behavioral Science & Technology 
ICS-HSG Institute of Computer Science
ICV-HSG Institute of Computer Science in Vorarlberg
I.FPM-HSG Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management
ILE-HSG Institute for Law and Economics
IMC-HSG  Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight 
IMO-HSG Institute for Mobility
IMP-HSG Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance (previously: Institute for Public Services and Tourism)
IoMS-HSG  Institute of Management & Strategy of the University of St.Gallen 
ior/cf-HSG Institute for Operations Research and Computational Finance
IPW-HSG Institute for Political Science
IRI-HSG Institute of Responsible Innovation
IRM-HSG Institute of Retail Management
IRP-HSG Institute for Legal Studies and Legal Practice (previously: Swiss Institute for Administration Courses)
ISCM-HSG Institute of Supply Chain Management
ITEM-HSG Institute of Technology Management with Transfer Center for Technology Management (TECTEM)
I.VW-HSG Institute of Insurance Economics
IWI-HSG Institute of Information Management
IWE-HSG Institute for Business Ethics
IWÖ-HSG Institute for Economy and the Environment
IWP-HSG Institute of Business Education and Educational Management
KMU-HSG Swiss Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
MCM-HSG Institute for Media and Communication Management
MED-HSG School of Medicine
s/bf-HSG Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance
SEW-HSG Swiss Institute for Empirical Economic Research
SGI-HSG St.Gallen Institute of Management in Asia
SIAW-HSG Swiss Institute for International Economics and Applied Economic Research