Ph.D. Programme in Law (DLS)

The Ph.D. programme in Law offers you the opportunity to carry out a scientific research project (doctoral thesis) on a legal topic.


The Ph.D. Programme in Law at HSG (DLS) combines academic excellence with pragmatism and offers ideal conditions for the targeted implementation of solutions to challenging problems. The DLS programme thus enables its doctoral students to work in depth on a practically relevant, theoretically complex and substantively exciting project in an excellent research environment. In addition to individual personal development, it provides a professional foundation for its graduates, who are optimally prepared for the professional challenges of a continuously changing working world with new competitive situations.


Our Concept

As a part of a sophisticated educational concept, the programme consists of a coursework stage and a research stage:

  • Coursework stage (Ph.D. seminars, research proposal and colloquium ) 
  • Research stage (preparation of the doctoral thesis, thesis defence)

These components are complemented by different educational and mentoring elements, such as research workshops or discussions with supervisors. 

For Ph.D. students particularly interested in academic issues, we also offer an additional academic programme, the “Research Programme”. The Research Programme also requires successful participation in a Ph.D. colloquium, collaboration on a research project and demonstration of teaching experience.

Our Ph.D. Programme in Law (DLS) is offered in German. For information about this programme, please refer to the German version of this page.


Katrin Krehan

Executive Director Doktoratsprogramm in Rechtswissenschaften (DLS)

Büro 26-003
Bodanstrasse 3
9000 St Gallen

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