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As an educational institution, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) isn’t just for current students, but also for those who might come here in the future. As an institution with a public mandate, we are part of the Swiss educational landscape and also network with schools in the local region and abroad. The central aims of our work are to exchange knowledge, act for mutual benefit and enable insight. We invite schools to cooperate with us and are open to your ideas.

Services for schools

Is a degree the right choice for me? What does HSG offer? What is so special about studying in St.Gallen? Students who are about to leave school are often unsure which choices to make for their future. Make sure the options are as clear as possible to your students. The University of St.Gallen will be happy to visit your school and put you in touch with students who can explain the appeal of the HSG campus and the charms of student life in St.Gallen. Would you rather come to us so that your class can get a picture of HSG for themselves? That is also an option. Our school presentations are free of charge. Get in touch:

The best key to hold is the one that unlocks the future – and that lies in interdisciplinary collaboration on the challenges of our times. Virtually every day, new knowledge emerges, new trends develop, and new problems arise too. To develop insight, we need to make space for dialogue, space for exploring new perspectives, space that enables new ideas to take flight. This space is precisely what our impact camps, held in various study areas at HSG and the innovative SQUARE, provide. Several times a year, we offer keen students over the age of 16 the opportunity to spend a day engaging with an interesting series of issues from the fields of business, law, culture and technology. Meet motivated students from other schools, young entrepreneurs who will share their story and advice and, of course, experts from HSG at the various interactive stations and take part in work-shops and competitions. The new series begins with camps that focus on “Future Education”.

On a discovery tour, students will learn more about the direction in which education is heading – a subject that will, no doubt, already be on their minds. At this camp, they will find out more about the latest technologies and will have the opportunity to chat and interact with “Lexi” the social robot. Hands-on learning opportunities, mixed reality solutions such as the Microsoft HoloLens and insights into how the technology behind them works inspire creative analysis of current and future learning formats. Visitors then team up with HSG students in the Design Studio to develop their own ideas and compete for prizes. The camps are provided by HSG free of charge and are particularly suited to motivated students with an interest in, and a flair for, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. Spark your students’ interest in learning with impact camps!

Interested in a camp for your class or have a suggestion for the next camp? Get in touch:

The date for the next Impact Camp will be announced here soon.

On our campus tours, you get to know the campus and its most important buildings in the space of about an hour. You’ll meet students who give you and your class some insights into what it’s really like. We’re happy to do this in the Swiss language of your choice or in English. Tell us your preferences and find out more here.

Insight into an Impact Camp

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