PhD Programme in Management (PMA)

The PhD Programme in Management (PMA) organised by the School of Management is the largest PhD programme in management in Europe with 293 PhD students (as of Spring 2023) and one of the first EFMD accredited PhD programmes worldwide. One of the PMA's success factors is the lively combination of science and practice: doctoral students find an attractive, international learning environment here that is relevant for their future research-based careers in science and industry.

Why PMA?

The PhD Programme in Management (PMA) is the largest PhD programme at the University of St.Gallen and provides preparation for a research-based career in academia and industry. Thanks to the broad orientation of the School of Management (SoM), PhD students can choose from among five specialisations: Accounting, Behavioral Science, Business Innovation, General Management, and Marketing. 

The PMA is divided into a coursework phase and a research phase, each of which can be individually designed. Each specialisation offers a unique course curriculum providing both the necessary methodological background and in-depth subject knowledge concerning the chosen field of specialisation. In particular, there is an openness in the choice of methodological courses: doctoral students are free to choose from a variety of empirical, i.e. qualitative and quantitative, methodological courses. This conceptual orientation of the PMA is intended to support doctoral students as best as possible in their research projects and to take into account that the respective research question should be the guiding principle for the choice of methodological approach and not the research area alone.

Courses and seminars in Accounting, Behavioral Science, and General Management are offered in English only. Courses and seminars in Business Innovation and Marketing are offered in German and English.

“Doing my PhD in St. Gallen allowed me to follow my passion - understanding the role of business in the fight against climate change. I still benefit from the incredible international network that I built here, including leaders in academia and industry.”
Prof. Dr. Lukas Falcke, Assistant Professor, KIN Center for Digital Innovation, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
“The PMA Ph.D. was a journey of deep learning and self-discovery, blending academic rigor with personal growth. It's where curiosity meets impact, and challenges turn into opportunities. An invaluable roller coaster ride I'd gladly take again.”
Prof. Dr. Edona Elshan, Assistant Professor at KIN Center for Digital Innovation, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
“During my PMA PhD, I was able to grow personally and as a researcher because I had the freedom to delve into topics that are relevant to me personally, but also to practice, society and the academic discourse. And that's what makes research fun!”
Prof. Dr. Simon Schafheitle, Assistant Professor of HRM & AI, University of Twente (NL)



Maria Tittel

Executive Director Ph.D. Program in Management (PMA)

Tigerbergstrasse 9
Büro 57-112
9000 St Gallen

Anna Schlegel

Programme Manager

PhD Office
Büro 58-420
Tellstrasse 2
9000 St. Gallen

Fiorella Schmucki

Head PhD-Office

PhD / Dozierende
Büro 58-421
Tellstrasse 2
9000 St. Gallen

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For any questions regarding enrolment, dates and deadlines or your PMA studies, please contact the PhD Office by phone or email.

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