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The University of St.Gallen (HSG) is deeply dismayed by Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine. It condemns this massive violation of international law against a sovereign state, which has brought pain and suffering to innocent people, families and communities.


Articles by HSG researchers, students, public events and information on the war in Ukraine.

Media contributions by HSG researchers covering Ukraine

“Rather than a direct war, the list of sanctions imposed on Russia is going to work in favour of the US.”
Nilanjan Banik (Mahindra University) and Guido Cozzi (HSG) Times of India - 22-03-14
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Guido Cozzi
“Sanctions may work, but only if they convince Russia to end the war very soon. Otherwise, they might turn to be devastating and creating even more victims than the war itself, especially for countries in North Africa.”
Guido Cozzi, TRT World - 2022-03-08
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Rolf Wüstenhagen
“People are reminded of the problem, but then they resort to sort of quick fixes, which are not really for the long term.”
Rolf Wüstenhagen, Fast Company - 2022-03-01
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