Terms of use

Terms of use for electronic resources 

Access to electronic documents and databases provided here are based on licensing agreements between the respective providers and the University of St.Gallen. In general, the following limitations apply:

  • Electronic documents and databases are licensed for personal use in context of studying, teaching or research activities at the University of St.Gallen. Any commercial use is prohibited.
  • Dissemination of such content to third parties not affiliated with the University of St.Gallen as well as making it freely accessible (e.g. on an unprotected web page) is not allowed.
  • Third party use is also uploading licensed content or data to external platforms, specifically ChatGPT or other AI platforms, where storage and future use are controlled by third parties, is strictly prohibited. 
  • Text & Data Mining TDM: the availability of licensed content for TDM projects is depending on the agreement with the respective provider. We offer our support and can act as an intermediary with the providers, e.g. we can check for you the availability of data or clarify with providers if and how you can access such data. Detailed information about our support services can be found here: Text & Data Mining
  • The systematic download as well as the reproduction (manually or with software, e.g. scraping, crawlers, scripts etc.) of substantial parts of E-Journals, E-Books or other licensed databases is not allowed. Providers deem such activities and the use of such tools as infringement of license agreements – which can lead to restricting or even blocking of the access to these resources for the entire University.
  • Additionally, to the licensing agreements, the HSG IT User Regulations and Swiss Copyright law do apply.