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In the HSG-Library, you can find ca. 550'000 printed books and journal volumes, 4'000 Non-Books (DVDs, audiobooks, music CDs), more than 200'000 E-Books as well as more than 75'000 licensed E-Journals. Furthermore, we provide access to a wide range of Databases. The focus of our media collection is on business & economics literature as well as on law and social sciences. These documents are freely accessible in the library and are arranged thematically  

You can search our media collection with our discovery tool HSGswisscovery . With  HSGswisscovery , you can go even further! By selecting the search profile «swisscovery», you can expand your search to the media collection of 500 academic libraries in Switzerland. Furthermore, HSGswisscovery is offering access to free electronic collections provided by other libraries in the network.


Media Scout - the Spatial Information System of the HSG Library

"Where are the reserve collections? And where can I find a scanner? How can I find the printed journal issues in the basement? And where have you hidden the audio book and the DVD video collection? And, by the way, how do I get to the music rooms?” All these questions and more can be answered by consulting our MediaScout.

Whenever you stumble upon this MediaScout icon in your online research - just click on it and you will be shown the relevant location.

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Our digital collections and exhibitions


Fiction books acquired in recent years in German and English.

SQUARE - Architecture and Art (Status 7/22)

The library has assembled a choice selection of publications, which provide information on the architect Sou Fujimoto, pieces of art in and around the SQUARE, as well as on the particularities of this new type of building.

The history of Ukraine and the relationship with Russia (Status 07/22)

This exhibition addresses the history of Ukraine and the relationship with Russia from different perspectives - historical, political, legal, but also literary.

Publications by HSG members

This collection contains publications written by members of the University of St.Gallen in the past years.

Art in Architecture @HSG

Here you will find literature about artists and architects whose works are to be found on the HSG campus and testify to the deep connection between art and architecture at the University of St.Gallen.

Pride Month (Status 10/22)

Diversity and inclusion have been promoted at the University of St.Gallen for a long time. Since 2020, as a result of a student initiative, the HSG has celebrated Pride Month every October. The library supports this with an exhibition of theme-related literature.

Women's suffrage in Switzerland (Status 12/21)

Women have had the right to vote in Switzerland since 1971. Our exhibition shows how this came about and what challenges still lie ahead.

The economic history of China versus Europe (Status 03/22)

This exhibition deals with the history of the two economies of China and Europe. Over the last thousand years, these have followed divergent paths from originally comparable positions.