HathiTrust Digital Library


HathiTrust is a collaborative effort of academic libraries around the world. In cooperation with Google, Internet Archive and others, earlier works are digitized and made accessible - as far as copyright law permits. Currently, around 20 million works are indexed at Hathi Trust, 5 million of which are accessible.

In HSGswisscovery you can find and access 5 million works that are in the Public Domain. These works can all be read online.

If you search via, you can search the entire collection, but access is still limited to ¼ of all available documents.

The HSG-Library is not a member institution. Unfortunately, a HathiTrust participation outside the USA makes no sense (so far).

Download functionality: for the vast majority of available works, only individual pages can be downloaded, one at a time. An integral download is not possible. Please refer to the Access Chart on the page How to Search & Access – HathiTrust Digital Library.

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