How to act in an emergency? Who can you contact?

Fire department 118
Police 117
Ambulance 144

For injuries and acute illness, professional aid must be provided immediately. Therefore, there are various medical rooms, first aid boxes, and several defibrillators on the premises of the University of St.Gallen.

Medical rooms with first-aid equipment including AED appliances are located in the following buildings:
◾Building 01 - Main Building: Room 01-024
◾Building 09 - Library Building: Room 09-015
◾Building 10 - Sports Hall: Room 10-014
◾Building 11 - SQUARE: Room 11-U1201
◾Building 24 - Central Institute Building (ZIG): Room 24-1-101
◾Building 52 - Müller-Friedbergstrasse. 6/8: Room 52-5008
◾Building 58 - Tellstrasse 2: Room 58-024

In an emergency, it is important to deploy the correct emergency service.

The telephone numbers can be found on the safety instructions in all HSG rooms as well as on the emergency sticker on your telephone.
If you need support in addition to the external emergency services, our safety team can be reached on the internal emergency phone number 3333 (external number: 071 224 33 33), 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Map of infirmary rooms and first-aid kits (in German)

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