The University of St.Gallen has six schools. These are the "School of Management", the "School of Humanities and Social Sciences", the "Law School", the "School of Finance", the "School of Economics and Political Science" and the "School of Computer Science".

Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes

Our six schools are responsible for the teaching at the HSG and offer a large number of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. programmes. The members of all of the schools actively advance the research in their field and each school is responsible for at least one Profile Area.

Integrative Education

Our schools provide an holistic and practical education, which extends beyond their own subject area. The largest area of integrative teaching is Economics, where the "School of Management" (SoM), the "School of Economics and Political Science" (SEPS) and the "School of Finance" (SoF) are all active. The "Law School" (LS) is oriented towards Business Law and offers degree programmes where students gain considerable practical experience.

New "School of Computer Science"

The University of St.Gallen founded its School of Computer Science (SCS-HSG) in August 2020. The establishment of a School of Computer Science as well as the two new study programmes have been initiated by the IT Education Initiative of the Canton of St.Gallen.

The "School of Humanities and Social Sciences" (SHSS) fulfils a special role. It brings together twelve different subject areas from the humanities and social sciences and gives students a broader academic education, targeted to supplement their main programme of study.