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Full text of the printed editions of «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» from 1993 onwards, «NZZ Folio» (1994) and «NZZ am Sonntag» (2002). For content that was published online on, please use Swissdox Essentials

As the largest national newspaper in Switzerland, the NZZ is providing comprehensive information on domestic and foreign affairs. Apart from economics section, it contains daily headings on politics, culture, sport as well as local information from Zürich, both the city and the Canton. The national edition of the NZZ is available from 4. January 1993 onwards.

Historical NZZ Archive from 1780: additionally, you can access the historical NZZ archive, starting with its first edition in 1780, on You can browse through single issues or you can search the content with keywords. Current content from the last 25 years is not accessible, but becomes available continuously behind a moving wall.