Research at HSG

As an integrative, internationally networked business University, we conduct impact-focused, cutting-edge research, which deals with fundamental social, economic and entrepreneurial phenomena. By finding answers to fundamental problems, we are making a positive contribution to society. We are at the forefront of international research in selected fields.

We carry out basic and applied research at a high level and have a wide range of research areas.

At the HSG, research is carried out in seven schools (School of Management, School of Finance, School of Economics and Political Science, Law School, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Computer Science, School of Medicine). The majority of our research takes place in approximately 40 institutes and research institutes, as well as in about 80 chairs.

Institute model
The institute model at the HSG is very different from other universities in Switzerland. This federal concept reflects the exceptional academic nature of the HSG and its research.

Strong practical relevance
For the most part, our institutes operate as autonomous units, run like businesses and with a strong practical relevance. The institutes specialise in Economics, Law and Humanities and Social Sciences. As a result, our research is extremely wide ranging. Numerous research projects are funded privately by third parties.