Preqin is a specialised database providing private equity data, furthermore detailed data related to venture capital, private debt, hedge funds, real estate, infrastructure and natural resources.

In addition to direct access, you have the option of setting up an individual account: Register here. After a successful registration, you can get into your personal account by accessing Preqin Signin

The database covers institutional investors, fundraising, fund performance, deals and assets, fund managers, fund terms and service providers. Preqin comprises data to more than 35,000 companies, more than 65,000 funds and more than 18,000 investors, Especially regarding fund performance, Preqin offers more performance metrics/tools than other database providers, for example median, pooled and money weighted market benchmarks, custom benchmarks, horizon IRRs, public market equivalent (PME) benchmarks, PrEQIn quarterly index and transparent fund-level cash flow data. The number of transactions in alternative investments is particularly impressive. Preqin includes information to more than 450,000 deals and exits.

Data is generally available from 1969 onwards. However, it is occassionaly possible to research data back to 1905.

Via WRDS we provide access to the following modules: Preqin fund cashflows, Preqin venture capital and buyout deals, Preqin fund managers (GPs) and Preqin Investors (LPs).