Vision and mission

We aim high. Our vision as well as our mission are helping us reach our education and research goals.

Our Mission:

Empowering talents, inspiring leaders

Our Vision:

  • We are extending our leading position in the German-speaking area to continental Europe.
  • Our research creates international impact; it extends to both pioneering basic research as well as practically relevant insights. In all this, we always strive for disciplinary and methodological excellence according to the highest scientific standards.
  • In the spirit of lifelong learning, we put equal emphasis on outstanding undergraduate, graduate and executive education. In doing so, we differentiate ourselves through innovative teaching and learning as well as through our holistic approach, which combines the latest insights with interdisciplinary perspectives and societal developments. We develop future skills and are guided by our students’ and the labour market’s needs.
  • Our active international community of alumni, as well as partners from business and society support the long-term development of our students and the university itself. We involve them in research and teaching and attract them as sponsors for strategic excellence initiatives.
  • We make the University of St.Gallen particularly attractive for those talents who are dedicated to becoming actively involved at the university and beyond and who strive to make a difference.
  • With this ambition we not only address our students in undergraduate, graduate and executive education, but also our researchers, faculty and administrative personnel.
  • We enable our talents to think and act entrepreneurially and to assume responsibility as leaders in business, society and academia.
  • We contribute our unique business-related knowledge to collaborate with our partners on answering the great questions of our time.
  • We are thought leaders as we create innovation not only within disciplines, but also at the interfaces between disciplines and generally between academia, businesses and society.
  • Through our transfer activities, we collaborate closely with practice partners and support entrepreneurial initiatives, thus developing innovative solutions and creating value for our region and beyond.
  • We are committed to a broad understanding of sustainability, which includes responsibility for the environment, society and the economy.

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