St.Gallen Symposium

The St.Gallen Symposium is a globally recognised organisation and platform for intergenerational dialogue and collaboration.

Each year, the symposium brings together leaders of today and tomorrow from business, politics, academia and civil society to promote mutual understanding and collective action on our most pressing challenges and opportunities. The global community includes more than 400 companies and institutions and over 300 universities.

The St.Gallen Symposium is annually organised by the International Students’ Committee (ISC), an independent student initiative at the University of St.Gallen. For ten months, a team of approximately 30 students voluntarily engages in the challenging task of organising an outstanding St.Gallen Symposium. During the symposium week, the ISC Team is supported by about 450 student volunteers. Three members of last year’s team are taking up the role of Head of the Organising Committee.

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Here you will find stories and videos on the 52nd St.Gallen Symposium and previous years.

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