(LSEG, previously Refinitiv)

LSEG I/B/E/S includes earning estimates and guidance data, also historically. The access is provided by WRDS. Furthermore, historical analysts’ earning estimates may be downloaded with special data files through protected webpage. Please find more information below.

Best of Breed Global Database on Earnings Estimates covering over 5800+ US Companies, 12,400 International Companies, unrivaled history dating back to 1976.

I/B/E/S Guidance provides everything surrounding the time guidance is issued – including timestamp, guidance value, and what the mean was at that moment.  Allows you to directly compare analyst and management expectations on company performance.

The I/B/E/S Detail History EPS database contains earnings estimates (EPS) from banks and individual analysts. The estimates are provided for American companies (SEPSUS) and international companies (HSEPSINT). In addition, in the second database – I/B/E/S History non-EPS – you can find additional estimate indicators such as EBITDA, book value per share, cash flow, sales, dividends per share, etc. The annual update covers all data.

User Guides and Definition Guide

I/B/E/S Quantitiative File System (QFS)

I/B/E/S Detail History User Guide

I/B/E/S Summary History User Guide

I/B/E/S Estimates Data Measure Definition Guide

I/B/E/S On Datastream User Guide

To open the files we recommend MS Access or the statistical software Stata. Changing the file type to .csv or .dat might be necessary to open the file. In certain cases, the file’s size might necessitate a data split to save and re-open the file successfully. This can be circumvented when entering the data into Stata by creating a special Dictionary-Code. This Dictionary-Code is processed by Stata and enables it to read multiple data files correctly. A guide on how to create such a Dictionary –Code can be found on the following websites. Each file needs a Dictionary-Code of its own.


Stata infile fixed format

Stata FAQ

How do I use infile to read in fixed-format data?