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Rankings are an instant indicator of high quality and serve as an important guide – both for you and for us. We are delighted to have regularly topped the leading national and international business school rankings for so many years. Accreditations also attest to our consistently high quality, as evidenced by external audits, and add to the excellent reputation of the University of St.Gallen (HSG).

Where is the best place to study? How can I tell whether an institution offers high-quality teaching, especially if I’m on the other side of the world? How can I compare another university with HSG? Rankings make it easier to find the right university for you. HSG participates in the foremost rankings for business schools and for assessing the quality of research in economic sciences:

Current HSG rankings

Masters in Management: 1st place

The rankings of the Financial Times (FT) have listed the University of St.Gallen in the top 10 of the best business universities for years: In the "Masters in Management" ranking, it has been consistently in first place worldwide since 2011, and in the "European Business Schools" ranking it is currently in fifth place.

Business administration research: 1st place

WirtschaftsWoche’s ranking lists the business schools within the German-speaking world that it considers to be best for research and compiles a list of the leading universities on that basis.


Economic research: 8th place

The Handelsblatt ranking lists the economics schools within the German-speaking world that it considers to be best for research and compiles a list of the leading universities on that basis.

World-class accredited

HSG holds the “triple crown” of international accreditations for business-oriented universities – only about 1 per cent of universities worldwide have this seal of quality. It has won this triple crown in the form of the three most important institutional accreditations for business and management schools. Participating universities are subject to a standardised set of criteria, so accreditation provides transparency, quality assurance and guidance when selecting a business school. What do you get out of it? A degree that is highly respected worldwide in academia and on the job market, and which meets the highest academic and ethical standards. In other words, an excellent degree! Alongside rankings and testimonials, accreditations are the most important criteria to consider when deciding upon a university. Use all of the above to gain a full picture of the passion for quality at HSG. Did you know that around 87 per cent of HSG graduates would choose HSG again?

Member of influential networks

Memberships also speak volumes about a university’s international
standingand reputation. HSG is currently a member of the
following alliances and initiatives.

The Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS, which stands for the Alliance’s original name, the “Community of European Management Schools”) is a cooperation initiative between leading business schools, companies and NGOs. The Alliance’s Master’s in Management (MIM) is open to outstanding students with global career goals and regularly appears in the Economist’s top 10 rankings. 

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The Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) brings together leading business schools with a focus on international affairs. Alongside top-level academic exchange, the goal is to ensure the continued advancement of international understanding, global prosperity, security and peace for all the world’s people.

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Founded in 1973, the “Partnership in International Management” network (PIM) is an international partnership of top business schools. HSG has been a member since 1990 and, through the partnership, promotes the exchange of top management expertise and of academic teaching staff and students, shared research programmes and transnational projects.

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The Global Business School Network (GBSN) is a worldwide network, set up to ensure that the developing world has the management talent it needs. HSG takes an integrative approach, aiming to have an impact on business and society through management talent worldwide, unlocking progress and development for all. 

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SIGMA stands for “Societal Impact and Global Management Alliance”, a network of universities established to promote the dissemination of knowledge gained through research and teaching in the fields of leadership, social responsibility and sustainability. The global alliance of nine universities aims to make an impact on society through insights in social sciences and their transfer to management practice.

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“Principles for Responsible Management Education” is a United Nations (UN) initiative, launched in 2007. Its aim is to ensure that business and management schools provide future leaders with the skills needed to balance economic and sustainability goals. It has become one of the most significant links between the UN and management-related higher education.

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As a partnership between academic institutions, the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS) was established to address the most pressing environmental issues through engagement and leadership from the corporate sector. It aims to provide data and networking opportunities that facilitate research on corporate sustainability.

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Excellence for your impact

From insight to impact. Our motto succinctly encapsulates the HSG’s promise. Excellence is embedded in our strategic quality management, and you can see for yourself just how effective this is. The University of St.Gallen combines excellence in applied research with an international outlook and a focus on transferring knowledge into practice. The insights gained here have a huge impact in practice, through the knowledge that we share with society. HSG is far more than a place of learning. It is a meeting place for committed people who are instrumental in driving social and economic progress, and in advancing your own personal development. It is worth noting that HSG has always been interested in impact that has practical relevance. It was, in fact, a practical, business-related question relating to St.Gallen’s flourishing textile industry that first led to the founding of the university back in 1898. People have been drawn to HSG in St.Gallen ever since, motivated by the recognition that their commitment and dedication will benefit society. This leads to excellent research and teaching. Among the students, the focus on impact leads to a higher-than-average engagement and drive – something that is reflected in HSG’s spirit of collaboration and its benefits for the community. This mindset also attracts many different personalities from the worlds of business, politics, culture, society and public life, eager to share their best practice knowledge and their insights with students and with the general public. This leads to creative exchange formats that make HSG an excellent innovation hub and a laboratory for real impact on the most important issues of our time. What do you get out of it? An excellent degree with lasting benefits! Your future professors give examples of what drove them to achieve winning research projects in the Impact Awards 2022:

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