Great Career Opportunities

Four out of five Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates have at least one offer of employment by the time they graduate. A University of St.Gallen (HSG) qualification is recognised internationally as an indicator of high quality and, as a result, you are likely to receive multiple offers as you look to start your career. Alternatively, you may prefer to set up your own company – HSG graduates create a higher than average number of start-ups, most of them with international impact.

What’s Next After Graduation?

Master’s in Business Innovation (MBI)

MBI graduates usually work in fields relating to the digitalisation of the value chain. One example is Kaltrina Abdili, M.A. HSG 2019, International Product Manager at ROCHE.

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Master’s in Strategy and International Management (SIM)

SIM graduates usually establish close contact with leading organisations during their studies, like Kirsimarja Säkkinen, M.A. HSG 2020: Partner Development Manager at MICROSOFT.

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Master’s in General Management (MGM)

MGM graduates usually take on management roles in major groups, medium-sized companies or start-ups, just like Dr Tobias Wolf and Dr Philipp Wustrow, M.A. HSG 2014, Co-founders and Co-CEOs at ONLINEDOCTOR.

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Master’s in International Affairs and Governance (MIA)

MIA graduates usually work for international companies, in the diplomatic service or for NGOs. A good example is Simeon Bond, M.A. HSG 2021, Communication and Outreach Officer at the ILO (International Labour Organization).

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Master’s in International Law (MIL)

MIL graduates usually work in government, international organisations or management consultancies, like Ryan Humbert, M.A. HSG 2018, Project Manager at REFUGEES YOUTH SERVICE.

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Master’s in Legal Studies and Economic Sciences (MLE)

MLE graduates usually work as attorneys in Switzerland or at the interface between law and economics, like Kerim Tbaishat, B.A. HSG 2014 and M.A. HSG 2017, Attorney at BÄR & KARRER.

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Facts about recruitment


companies recruit at HSG every year. An important aspect of studying at HSG is making
an impact with potential employers.

74 %

HSG Bachelor’s graduates with at least a six-month placement.

92 %

HSG Master’s graduates with over six months of work experience.

76 %

of HSG Bachelor’s graduates are able to choose between an average of 1.8 job offers
and have a permanent job by the time of their graduation ceremony.

91 %

of HSG Master’s graduates are able to choose between an average of 2.0 job offers
and have a permanent job by the time of their graduation ceremony.


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