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Our library is offering you access to a wide range of media: printed books, e-books, audiobooks, DVDs, electronic journals as well as to many databases.

Media locations

Information about borrowing, requesting, ordering and registration 

Documents that are available at our location, you can directly pick up from one of the open stacks. If a document isn’t available right now, you can place a hold request. Additionally, we offer options for ordering documents, e.g. by postal service or by SLSP Courier or document delivery (fee-based services).

You need a user account for borrowing documents or using other services. If you shouldn’t have an account yet, you can register online. With this one account, you will also get access to the media collections of all other participating academic libraries in Switzerland.  

More information about registration, borrowing, requesting or ordering documents

Media Scout - the Spatial Information System of the HSG Library

"Where are the reserve collections? And where can I find a scanner? How can I find the printed journal issues in the basement? And where have you hidden the audio book and the DVD video collection? And, by the way, how do I get to the music rooms?” All these questions and more can be answered by consulting our MediaScout.

Whenever you stumble upon this MediaScout icon in your online research - just click on it and you will be shown the relevant location.

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