After registration, staff and students of the University of St. Gallen can connect with Swisslex, the most comprehensive legal database for Switzerland, providing them with access to more than 400'000 full text documents. Among the offerings are:

  • Rulings of the Federal Court, Federal Administrative Court and Federal Criminal Court 
  • Rulings of various cantonal courts 
  • more than 50 legal journals 
  • Commentaries, monographs, commemorative writings and doctoral theses 
  • Personalised services

All documents are available in their full text and are searchable. To assist with your research, the system provides several Tutorials, that can either be viewed as videos or downloaded as PDF documents.


Please ensure you use your correct e-mail address, or on the registration page of Swisslex. Registration must be completed at a computer on campus or with activated VPN client, if you are connecting from an external site.


Your access authorization is personal. It is for your own use and not to be passed on to third parties. We kindly request that you respect these terms!

For students, Swisslex sets a monthly query limit (150 full-text searches, 50 searches with reference, 150 documents in full-text view), which can be seen in your account information ("Kundenprofil") after logging on. 



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