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From the publisher Oxford University Press we offer you e-books of the following collections:

Very Short Introductions offer concise introductions to a diverse range of subjects. All titles are writ-ten by experts in the field who combine facts, analysis, new ideas, and en-thusiasm to make challenging topics highly readable.

Oxford Handbooks Online offers you fulltext handbooks of the following subjects:

  • Business & Management
  • Economics & Finance 
  • Geschichte 
  • Politikwissenschaften
  • Philosophie 
  • Rechtswissenschaften

Oxford Scholarship Online offers access to selected scientific textbooks from the following subject areas:

  • Economics and Finance
  • Philosophy 
  • Political Science
  • Business and Management
  • Law

Individual Chapters of the e-books can be read online or downloaded. The format of the page numbering may differ from the print versions.

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