Research and publishing

We can advise you in the field of Open Science and provide assistance in the preparation of scientific papers.

We can support you in the following areas: the preparation of scientific papers,  open access, research data management, and providing data for research projects. 

Academic Writing

We can offer you support with your academic writing. For example, with the evaluation of sources, providing instructions for citations, supporting your reference management programmes and many other areas.    

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Open Access

Open Access refers to free access to scientific publications. Open content can be used freely worldwide. Open Access publications are read and used more often than others. The library supports open access publishing.   

Through various agreements with publishers, you can publish your research in Gold Open Access journals. We also support you with Green Open Access and self-archiving in our Institutional Repository Alexandria. 


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Data Licensing Support for Research Projects

If you need a data use agreement for a research project and have your own project funds, we will be able to support you in the procurement process. We can negotiate favourable conditions and licensing terms for you. We will support you from the first contact to the provision of the data. Contact us at

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