Public lectures at HSG

Guests of the public programme can experience a diversity of subjects that characterise teaching and research at the HSG. The topics range from economics, law, politics and information technology to language, literature, history, art, music, society and theology. Visitors also learn more about the city and region of St.Gallen.
The majority of lectures are held in German.


We are the new team starting in the autumn semester 2023, we are taking over the management of the public lecture programme from Florian Wettstein. He is handing over to us a versatile, attractive showcase in the academic world with many proven lecturers who are well known. We would like to continue to make this contribution from the University of St.Gallen to the public life of the city and region in the same committed and inviting manner. We are very much looking forward to this exciting task!

Although the leadership changes, the variety of topics remains - and with it the endeavour to offer you the familiar combination of academic knowledge and accessible perspectives. Our aim is to present the whole range from timelessly stimulating to topical issues in such a way that there is (hopefully) something for every taste and interest. Thus, in the current programme you will find lectures on "Modern Monetary Economics", on the figure of the conductor in historical perspective or on La Fontaine's fables as well as offers on the current challenges of artificial intelligence, on the "Threat of Energy Shortage" and on the "Geopolitical Reordering of the World". The latter title of a series of lectures with top-class speakers is also a leitmotif of the current programme due to multiple reasons. Our world is currently in the grip of multiple crises, the perception of which, as Caspar Hirschi shows, depends strongly on the historical-cultural contexts. For this reason, the Russian war of aggression strikes at the heart of the self-image of Western post-war societies, as will be shown from different perspectives in the lectures by Christoph Frei and Yves Partschefeld . The "Chinese Dream" also confronts the rest of the world with comprehensive economic and political challenges. Daria Berg invites you to better understand the hopes and aspirations of the new superpower. Finally, Suzanne Enzerink explains in her lecture why civil rights movements in the USA are more topical than they have been for a long time (in English).

The sites are numerous, the connections complex, the dependencies existential. The accelerated change of the world produces the need for competent classification and critical evaluation. And in the year of our 125th anniversary, also with a sharpened view backwards and forwards. The pictures by photographer Hannes Thalmann included in the programme booklet were taken as part of the public anniversary lecture series in the spring semester of 2023.

We take on the task of preserving the university in this sense as a lively place of exchange and inspiration in the midst of society with élan, but also with due respect. The audience is you: Your feedback and wishes, your suggestions and proposals have always played a decisive role in shaping the public lectures. You will also be very welcome to us at any time.

Daniel Cuonz and Jörg Metelmann, June 2023

Semester pass for 20 francs

Attendance at the public lectures costs twenty francs; attendance is free for members of the University of St.Gallen, students, lecturers and staff. The first lecture of a series can be attended free of charge. The fee must be paid before the start of the second lecture using the payment slip or the e-banking details below. This slip, or the printout of the online payment, serves as a semester pass.

PostFinance account: 90-747-8
IBAN: CH21 0900 0000 9000 0747 8
made out to: Universität St.Gallen (HSG), Dufourstrasse 50, 9000 St.Gallen
Purpose of payment: Öffentliche Vorlesungen, 433 310 / S08950002

Please take a receipt of the transfer to the lectures as a semester pass. Thank you very much.


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Public lectures fall semster 2023

Inaugural and Farewell Lectures

During our inaugural and farewell lectures, we welcome or bid farewell to our professors and associate professors.
Those who are appointed as professors or associate professors at HSG introduce themselves in a public lecture.

Likewise, professors who retire give a public lecture to say goodbye. You are cordially invited to attend these public inaugural and farewell lectures, as well as HSG members.

Like our public lectures, our inaugural and farewell lectures cover a wide range of topics: from economic and legal issues to aspects of cultural policy.

You can find an overview of all inaugural and farewell lectures in the programme booklet.

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