International workshop Co-organized by Thomas Telios (SHSS-Philosophy), Jörg Metelmann (SHSS-Culture and Media Studies), and Federico Luisetti (SHSS-Political Ecology)

19-20 October 2023
University of St. Gallen

International Workshop “RESENTMENT AND UTOPIA”

International Workshop “RESENTMENT AND UTOPIA”

The workshop starts from the observation that resentment and utopia are collectivisation tools of the present. While resentment creates a restorative emotional context through the re-activation of various “us vs them”, utopias imagine new communities, multispecies societies, and just worlds, enhancing collective participation but also leading in some cases to the hierarchization of needs and identities. The workshop will explore the political dynamics triggered by resentment and utopia, and tackle the challenges that they pose to contemporary societies.

Participants: Justine Feyereisen (Ghent), Matthias Flatscher (Vienna), Gilly Karjevski (Hamburg), Vanessa Lemm (London/Melbourne), Sofia Näsström (Uppsala), Ramon Quellmalz (Berlin), Liesbeth Schoonheim (Berlin), Johannes Schulz (Lucerne), Sergej Seitz (Vienna), J.J. Mathijs van de Sande (Nijmegen), Sjoerd van Tuinen (Rotterdam).


Entrance is free, no need to register.

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Filmbeitrag "Ressentiment & Utopie"