DDP with Universidad de los Andes

Universidad de los Andes

MIA students can apply for a dual degree programme with the renowned Universidad de los Andes.

The Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, is one of the most renowned private universities in Latin America. You will receive a high-quality education through two programmes with significantly different cultural backgrounds. Moreover, you will receive an excellent preparation for launching an international career.

As a dual degree student, you will spend your first year at HSG and your second year at Universidad de los Andes. Upon completion, you will obtain a Master's degree from each of the two institutions.

As a MIA student you will start this dual degree programme at HSG. You will spend your second year in the Programa Maestría en Ciencia Política at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá. This dual degree programme starts once a year, in the autumn semester. As a dual degree student, you may choose among three options for your MIA curriculum.

All dual degree students write their Master's thesis at the University of St.Gallen.


Admission and Application

You may submit your application in the first semester of your enrolment in the MIA programme. Participants in this dual degree programme are selected first by the MIA programme directors and subsequently by the Admissions Office of the Universidad de los Andes.

  • academic achievements
  • motivation and extracurricular activities
  • proficiency in Spanish

Please submit your application through Mobility Online. The online portal opens for applications in October. Please upload the following documents (in English):

  • letter of motivation
  • curriculum vitae
  • copies of official transcripts for every completed year of studies, including diplomas
  • proof of proficiency in Spanish Level B2 (CEFR): HSG Level I, DELE B2 or specific HSG language test

The two letters of recommendation should be submitted in a sealed envelope or sent directly by the referee via e-mail.
For the reference letter, please use the Reference Letter template

Please note following deadlines:

  • submission of documents at Mobility Online: 29 September-16 October 2023
  • interview with MIA programme directors: 23 October 2023
  • notification of shortlisted candidates: late October 2023
  • final decision by Universidad de Los Andes' Admission Office: early December 2023

Ms Caroline Santacruz Bravo
Coordinatoria Académica
Departemento de Ciencia Política
Faculdad de Ciencias Sociales
Universidad de Los Andes
Tel: +571 339949 Ext. 2613

Curriculum Universidad de Los Andes

The academic year at the Universidad de Los Andes follows the curriculum of the Programa Maestría en Ciencia Política and begins in the autumn semester.

The programme follows the curriculum of the Maestría en Ciencia Política.

Curriculum MIA

Regular MIA
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Mandatory courses        
International Politics & Market Economy 6 6 6  
International Law & Business Strategy 6 6 6  
Data Analytics and Causal Inference 6 6   6
Strategies of Social Science Inquiry 6   6 6
Cases in International Affairs 4     4
MIA Mornings: Skills and Competences 2     2
Core Electives        
Thematic courses 4-20 4-20 4-20 4-20
Methodological courses 0-16 0-16 0-16 0-16
Consultancy projects 4-12 4-12 4-12 4-12
Independent electives 0-8 0-8 0-8 0-8
Master's thesis 18 18 18 18
Contextual Studies courses 18 - - -
Total 90 60 60 60

All dual degree students write their Master's thesis at the University of St.Gallen.

Crediting and Tuition Fees

A total of 90 credits have to be completed. Dual degree students complete 60 credits at the University of St.Gallen. Three to four courses completed at the Universidad de los Andes can be credited to the M.A. HSG, corresponding 30 credits. Students can thus select three to four courses from the Compulsory Courses and Core Electives of the Maestría en Ciencia Política. Dual Degree students may not apply for "Practice Credits" as they may not credit more than 30 external credits to their MIA diploma.

The grades from the Universidad de Los Andes are converted as follows: since autumn 2021, we have been awarding quarter grades to all our dual degree students based on the grading scale below.

Grading Scale

Universidad de los Andes University of St.Gallen
5.0 6.0
4.5 5.5
4.0 5.0
3.5 4.5
3.0 4.0
<3.0 <4.0

Grade average

The grade average of a HSG Master's degree results from the weighting of the completed 90 credits. For PhD studies at the University of St.Gallen a grade average of 5.0 is required.

Negative weighted credit points

The calculation of the negative weighted credit points takes into account the courses completed in Bogotà which are credited to the Master's degree HSG (equivalent to 30 credits). Across the total of 90 credits 13.5 negative weighted credit points may be accumulated.

Tuition fees apply at the institution where Double Degree students are currently enrolled. At the University of St.Gallen Double Degree students pay the regular tuition fees.


Daniela Engelmann


Administrative Programmleiterin

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Dominik Sachs

Prof. Dr.

Akademischer Programmleiter

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