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Welcome to the Homepage of Mariana Valente, Assistant Professor for International Economic Law

Mariana Valente is an Assistant Professor for International Economics Law at the University of St.Gallen. She researches and teaches in the intersection between law, technology and society, especially in regulating the digital economy and fundamental rights in the online environment. She has experience in equity policies, gender equality, access to knowledge, culture and education, intellectual property, the impact of technologies on democracy and social mobilization, and data justice issues.

A Brazilian lawyer with a Ph.D. from the University of São Paulo, she has also spent research and visit periods at UC Berkeley, LMU in Munich, and Yale Law School. She is one of the directors of InternetLab, a Brazilian think tank based in São Paulo, Brazil, working on internet policy, and is a member of the Brazilian Senate Commission for drafting an Artificial Intelligence regulation. Before joining different universities in Brazil as a professor and researcher, she was the legal coordinator of the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo and has since worked closely in research and practice regarding heritage, culture and digitization.


Mariana Valente

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Assistant Professor of International Economic Law

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