1968: The institutionalisation of executive education

Title page of the prospectus for the first seminar offered on the level of continuing education

With the introduction of courses formin a level of continuing education (the WBS) in 1968, HSG became the first Swiss educational institution to institutionalise the concept of permanent continuing education and training for graduates who were already active in professional life. After some preparations had been made by a specially set up committee under the leadership of Professor Hans Ulrich, the first course was offered in the autumn of 1968.

These continuing education courses were designed to enable former students to resume their discussions with their former teachers and thereby to get up to date with the latest academic findings. In the year 1969-70, HSG and its institutes offered 42 courses, most of which were spread out over several days, and which were attended by more than 4,000 participants.

Since then, HSG has seen the further development and extension of course offerings on the level of continuing education as one of its central tasks, as important as the degree programmes on the undergraduate and master’s level.