2005: Inauguration of the Executive School for Management, Technology and Law (ES-HSG)

Since 2005, lifelong learning has increasingly become a defining element of how HSG sees itself. In this context, continuing education – and especially that designed for executives and others in positions of leadership  plays a decisive role. From 2005 onwards, HSG executive teaching has been coordinated and delivered by the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law (ES-HSG). The ES-HSG is the central point of contact for all continuing education programmes leading to an academic HSG qualification. The programmes and institutes concerned remain responsible for curricular content and its implementation.

Today, HSG offers continuing education that includes the following types of programmes: 
- MBA, Executive MBA and Executive Master
- Diploma programmes (DAS, Diploma of Advanced Studies)
- Certificate programmes (CAS, Certificate of Advanced Studies)
- Brief seminars
- Meetings and conferences
- Tailor-made corporate programmes