1995: Opening of the Executive Campus (WBZ)

The new building of the Executive Campus (WBZ), its construction having gone according to plan, was officially inaugurated in May 1995. Built under the direction of the cantonal builidng department and architect Bruno Gerosa, it not only featured state-of-the-art equipment and design but also fitted harmoniously into its green surroundings. 

Executive Campus (1995)

By building its own Executive Campus, the University brought all its institutions providing executive education and the relevant courses offered by its research institutes together under one roof, thus leading to a notable easing of the burden on the main HSG campus, where insufficient space had been available for teaching and learning. At the same time, the Executive Campus became a symbol of the University's commitment to foster its long-standing tradition of providing continuing education and to secure continual quality development of that education in the future.

With this in mind, new courses were introduced in the following years, including the post-graduate courses Master in European and International Business Law (MBL-HSG) and Master of Business Engineering (MBE-HSG). Furthermore, Professor Jürg Manella, who was Director of the DAS in Business Management, was appointed President's Delegate for Executive Education with the task of  further coordinating and developing HSG's course offerings in the field of executive education.

On the initiative of the former HSG president Professor Peter Gomez, the Executive School for Management, Technology and Law (ES-HSG) opened in 2005. It was intended to act as a central point of contact for  those interested in HSG's academic offerings in executive education. At this time, the St.Gallen Management Model, with its integrated approach to management, served both as a central theme and as a unique selling point of HSG's programmes in executive education.

The completion of the HSG Alumni House, in 2008, meant that the expanded Executive Campus HSG could be inaugurated; the campus became the headquarters of the Executive School, led by its dean Prof. Peter Gomez. HSG was the first university in German-speaking Europe to open a campus specifically for continuing education. By integrating topics from Business Administration and Economics as well as Law, Cultural Studies and Political Science into the curriculum, the Executive School promotes the holistic education of executive professionals in the fields of management, technology, and law.

HSG Professor Winfried Ruigrok succeed Professor Gomez In 2011, taking on the role of Dean of the Executive School. Under his leadership, the international positioning of the School was significantly strengthened, as well as linkage of theory and practice in executive education: as he put it himself, 'our programmes are based on the most up-to-date research findings and at the same time combine these findings with a strong practical orientation'.

Today, the whole range of options in executive education are offered on the campus: MBA, Executive MBA, an intensive study programme for SMEs, and customised in-house programmes for companies. In addition, diploma and certificate programmes (DAS/CAS) can be completed, and seminars and conferences can also be held on campus.

From among the large available selection of programmes, Woman Back to Business management training course, exclusively for women returning to work or changing careers, has been especially well received. Due to the increasing demand for English-language programmes, moreover, the Executive MBA can now be taken both in German and in English.