The Department of Philosophy offers degree programmes and courses at all levels.

The Department of Philosophy is involved in the Master’s and Ph.D. programme in “Organisation Studies and Cultural Theory” (MOK/DOK) and offers courses as part of the Contextual Studies pillar at the Assessment, Bachelor’s and Master’s Level.

Master’s programme Organisation Studies and Cultural Theory (MOK)

The Master’s programme in “Organisation Studies and Cultural Theory” has an interdisciplinary structure and is open to economists as well as students of the humanities and social sciences. The Faculty of Philosophy contributes to the programme, in particular, by offering courses in the field of cultural theory.

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Ph.D. programme Organisation Studies and Cultural Theory (DOK)

The Ph.D. programme in “Organisation Studies and Cultural Theory” offers the opportunity to attain a Ph.D. with a philosophical dissertation. The Faculty of Philosophy primarily offers seminars with an interdisciplinary focus for Ph.D. students.

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Contextual Studies

Assessment Level

Each student can complete a course in philosophy in the area of critical thinking. Introductory seminars on various topics are offered mainly in the fields of practical philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of language and epistemology.

Bachelor's and Master's Level

In the area of critical thinking, the Faculty of Philosophy offers a variety of seminars on philosophical topics, some of which are co-taught. The focus is placed on topics from practical philosophy and social philosophy.

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