The teaching of SHSS lecturers should enables students to deal with different forms of knowledge in a reflective manner and to act responsibly on this basis.

The SHSS runs the master's programme in Management, Organisation and Culture (MOK) and the doctoral programme in Organisation and Culture (DOK) in collaboration with the School of Management. It provides the majority of the public lectures held at the University of St. Gallen, as well as the Contextual Studies courses. The SHSS applies an integrative approach to all training programs, and provides students with education, not just training.

Contextual Studies embeds the subject studies at the HSG in a broader social and cultural horizon. Students gain an overarching view of disciplinary problems and learn to think in larger contexts. They learn to deal with a vast amount of information that many would find overwhelming and critically assess the reliability of sources. The teaching in the Contextual Studies adopts the pedagogical approaches of the humanities and social sciences, complemented by the promotion of practice-oriented skills and foreign language skills. The seminars are kept small to promote an active culture of discussion. At the same time, Contextual Studies cultivates a culture of intensive feedback that provides for close contact between lecturers and students.

SHSS lecturers supervise final theses in their subjects and within the framework of all programs. This allows students to work on issues in a larger framework, taking an interdisciplinary approach that reaches beyond the boundaries of their own main subjects