Dissertations, Master's and Bachelor's theses

At the University of St.Gallen, students can pursue research for their bachelor's and master's theses, as well as conduct doctoral and post-doctoral research in philosophy. Thorough independent research they generate their own philosophical questions, explore existing answers to these questions, reflect upon them, evaluate, and further develop them. In this demanding endeavor, students and junior researchers are provided support and guidance by the staff of the Department of Philosophy.

Ongoing Dissertations

Completed Projects

  • Nahyan Niazi: The Unleashing of Moral Energy: Self-Realization and External Determination in the State and the Mind according to Wilhelm von Humboldt. University of Lucerne, 2024. Supervisor: Christine Abbt
  • Estefania Cuero: Justice-oriented Perspectives on the Human Rights Approach. University of Lucerne, 2024. Supervisor: Christine Abbt
  • Anja Ringhofer: The Perpetuation of Racial Injustices by Migration Policy. University of Graz, 2023. Supervisor: Christine Abbt
  • Leire Urricelqui: Antitypes: On the Authority and Demarcation of (In)human Life. University of Lucerne, 2023. Supervisor: Christine Abbt
  • Miriam Hefti: Silence: Approaching the Perception of Absence. University of Lucerne, 2022. Supervisor: Christine Abbt
  • Francesca Nobili: Locke as Ethicist: Examination of the Early Works. University of Lucerne, 2020. Supervisor: Christine Abbt
  • Susanne Schmieden: Actors and Theatrical Science: Democratic Subjects in Denis Diderot and Bertolt Brecht. University of Lucerne, 2019. Supervisor: Christine Abbt
  • Michel Borner: The Ethical Dimension of Autobiographical Writing using the Example of Christine Lavant and Thomas Bernhard. University of Lucerne, 2019. Supervisor: Christine Abbt


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