Podcasts - 20.07.2022 - 11:20 

Meet the CFO #23 with Ricky Hipp | Compass Group Schweiz

Hardly any other industry was hit so directly and for so long in the pandemic as the corporate hospitality industry. Larger companies in particular closed their offices with the lockdown, then imposed long restrictions on the use of the offices - and were then confronted with new employee needs for more home offices. The result: the offices were not used at all or were used poorly, making it difficult to run a canteen or a company restaurant. And this is precisely the environment in which Ricky Hipp operates as CFO Switzerland of the Compass Group, which runs such catering concepts for companies. In the current episode of "Meet the CFO", Florian Hohmann and Dirk Schäfer talk to him about these difficult times and look ahead to when the office world will also be made more attractive again through exciting catering options like at Google.
Meet the CFO #23 Ricky Hipp, Compass Group Schweiz

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