Podcasts - 13.07.2022 - 20:22 

Meet the CFO #22 with Markus Binkert | SWISS

Markus Binkert was appointed CFO of SWISS in the middle of the biggest crisis. In March 2020, the wheels of the airline industry came to a standstill. Many states had decided on a lockdown due to Corona, mobility was restricted to a minimum. The consequence: collapsing sales, missing revenues, liquidity was in danger. When he was asked if he would take on the role of Chief Financial Officer in this situation, he already knew Swiss inside out. He had been with Swiss in various marketing and sales roles since 2005 - most recently as Chief Commercial Officer on the Executive Board for 5 years before moving to Munich Airport in the same role in 2019. But with the pandemic, the marketing activities suddenly fell away. The question about the job change came at the right moment. What it was like to take the financial helm in this exceptional situation and whether he is now completely relaxed about the job is discussed by Florian Hohmann and Dirk Schäfer in this episode of the podcast "Meet the CFO" with Markus Binkert.
Meet the CFO #22 Markus Binkert, SWISS

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