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Bachelor Graduation Day: 370 graduates received their diplomas

At Bachelor Graduation Day ceremonies on March 25, 2023, 370 graduates received their Bachelor of Arts (B.A. HSG) at the University of St.Gallen. President Bernhard Ehrenzeller dedicated his address to "role models" – why they are significant and how graduates themselves can lead by example.

Graduates were presented with their bachelor's degrees in the following majors: 

  • 210 in Business Administration, 
  • 51 in international relations,
  • 50 in economics,
  • 30 in Law with Economics,
  • 29 in law.

Don't be intimidated 

"Finally!" or rather "already?" Whatever the timing, the bachelor's graduates today are role models for all those in the assessment year who wonder how they will graduate one day, President Prof. Dr. Bernhard Ehrenzeller began his address. By role model, he did not necessarily refer to the oldest child in the family who is under constant observation of his parents, nor that idol on a poster on the bedroom or someone somewhat famous on social media.” He explained, "No idols or icons, but role models for the future". Thus, he said, one should not be dazzled or intimidated by appearances, because idols are "behind the shiny façade also only a person of flesh and blood, a person with weaknesses, fears and defeats." 

A role model brings inspiration and orientation in every phase of life – at the beginning it is the parents, later perhaps the older children. Professional role models include "people whose careers impress us, whose careers inspire us, or who are able to use their skills in a way that we admire," explained Ehrenzeller. The search for role models is neither a sign of weakness nor a lack of self-confidence, he told the audience.

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Speech by President Bernhard Ehrenzeller


Role models as guiding stars, not suns

Ehrenzeller himself has always found new role models: "From my doctoral supervisor to the Federal Council, where I was able to work as a personal assistant.  I received a lot of guidance and insight that helped me adjust my personal compass – as a scientist and as a leader." At the same time, he says, role models are not without their flaws. They invite self-reflection. 
"Use role models in appropriate and constructive ways: As guiding stars that can positively influence and spur you on – and not as suns whose glaring light takes away your vision,". 
The bachelor ceremony was accompanied musically by the HSG Big Band.

Images: Lautenschlager GmbH