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52 doctorates awarded at HSG

Coinciding with the start of the spring semester on February 20, 2023, 52 doctoral students received their PhDs.

A doctoral graduation ceremony marks the end and the culmination of a phase of learning and working – even a phase of life that shapes doctoral students like no other, began HSG President Prof. Dr. Bernhard Ehrenzeller in his address on the "value of intellectual honesty".

Trusting in the inner compass 

The University of St.Gallen was founded in 1898 as a commercial academy and was granted the right to award doctorates in 1938 in the wake of the new Higher Education Act. Doctoral degrees were awarded judiciously: "The value of a title of this kind depends on the dignity that its bearers know how to give it by their intellectual and moral commitment," it was said at the time. In science, there is still a high demand for integrity in action and activity, even beyond the academic and scientific context, “the rector explained. Scientist are called upon to be conscientious and to review findings again and again, he said. "Be proud of the conscientious doubter, the conscientious doubter who can receive the doctoral certificate today," President Bernhard Ehrenzeller congratulated the new doctoral graduates.

Learning from ups and downs  

The keynote speech was given by HSG alumna Dr. Alexandra Collm. She is a member of the Executive Board and Head of Department at Organisation und Informatik Stadt Zürich (OIZ). She dedicated her speech to the topic "Future Perspectives". With the doctorate, the graduates have set an important milestone – however, Collm described that it is not guaranteed that the path will always be clear and straightforward. "There will continue to be detours and steep passes." What's also important after graduation, she said, is having a goal in mind to climb mountains and hills; courage to try something new; and confidence in yourself to take the first step toward your goal. During their studies, the doctoral students gained a lot of knowledge and flexibility, learned how to deal with frustration, and pursued their curiosity. The alumna wished the graduates continued success and satisfaction in their future. "In addition to professional, methodological and analytical skills, qualities such as empathy and team spirit are those that make a lasting difference," Collm concluded her address.

Finally, the 52 students received their doctorate degrees in the following fields:

  • 33 in Business Administration,
  • 3 in Social Sciences,
  • 6 in Law,
  • 3 in Political Science,
  • 1 in Economics and Finance,
  • 5 in Finance,
  • 1 in Computer Science.

The graduation ceremony ended with a joint singing of "Gaudeamus igitur" followed by an aperitif.

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Doctoral students in the Audimax

Address by President Prof. Dr. Bernhard Ehrenzeller

Keynote speech by HSG alumna Dr. Alexandra Collm

Doctoral students in the Audimax

Diploma awarding

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