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HSG Bachelor Celebration: The "Beat of Life"

With an 80s rock title, "It's the final countdown," Vice President of Studies & Teaching Martin Eppler welcomed the attendees of the Bachelor Celebration on October 2, 2023. He wished the graduates a good start to their lives after graduation. What lies ahead of them should sound like a "really good song." Martin Eppler provided the 618 former students with seven drum beats – seven life lessons for a successful journey into (working) life.

The Bachelor Graduation Day took place on Saturday. Graduates received their diplomas in the following majors:

  • 374 in Business Administration,
  • 66 in International Relations,
  • 45 in Law,
  • 37 in Law with Economics,
  • 96 in Economics.

Graduates in the Olma Hall

Speech by Vice President Martin Eppler

Musical accompaniment by RE Moesli

Vice President of Studies & Teaching Prof. Dr. Martin Eppler addressed the graduates with a speech "Rhythm in Life." He packaged seven find lessons for the new stages of life for the graduates after their bachelor's degree into seven beats and introduced the metaphor of playing the drums for a successful life to the attendees. As the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "Without music, life would be a mistake."

Life Lessons in seven beats

Beat one: "Find your rhythm." Even though the graduates may have been in a kind of accelerando or stringendo rhythm in the past months, the fast pace may not necessarily be the best for their future work life, noted Eppler. Setting the "beat" is especially important in leadership positions through motivation, coaching, and support.

Beat two ("Intro"): "Be able to improvise." Being flexible and adaptable helps in the profession. Bertolt Brecht hit the nail on the head in his ballad when he wrote, "Yes, make a plan! – And then make a second plan." Because one of them will fail. Sometimes, you just need "Free Jazz," as he put it.

Beat three: "Don’t miss your cue." Martin Eppler encouraged the graduates to be pioneers, but at the right time.

Beat four ("Refrain"): "Let others have their solo too." The most beautiful melodies are created with different instruments and voices; at the same time, every drummer wants to have their solo from time to time. This balance is what makes good leadership.

Beat five: "To go fast, first slow down." Complex beats, complex tasks or projects require patience.

Beat six: "It's never too late for new beginnings." Tackling something new or forgotten can bring balance to life. Because it's fundamentally about accepting a challenge and then patiently enjoying the learning process. Martin Eppler's first electronic drum kit had been gathering dust at home for forty years until he rediscovered it during the second COVID lockdown. "You're never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream," as the Irish writer C.S. Lewis also believed.

Beat seven ("Fade-out"): "Have fun!" In life, it's also about being able to showcase your strengths, even occasionally "going wild" with joy. As the ultimate lesson, the vice president gave the graduates the "Honour your crew" rule – "applaud all those who supported you during this time. Your parents, your family members, your friends, and your fellow students!" Because only together can you successfully "rock."

Images: Lautenschlager GmbH