Language Island

Welcome at our Language Island!

Our Language Island, located in the HSG Library Building, offers you a quiet place and a relaxing atmosphere, where you can devote yourself to language learning or simply relax, anytime.

General Information

No matter whether it snows or rains outside, our Language Island is where the sun is always shining. It's right on campus, in the heart of the Library Building. 


Try the Rosetta Stone online language learning software

Learn a new language in a relaxed atmosphere of our Language Island. Here you will find a tablet device set up for you to practice with the Rosetta Stone language learning software. Use the login credentials displayed in the cabin according to the language that you wish to practise.


Please register your visit

You do not need to reserve the Language Island. However, we would be grateful if you could scan the QR code attached to the door of the cabin and thereby record your visit. This helps us understand, how much and to what purpose the cabin is used.

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