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Find out here about our free Conversation Courses for students and employees of the University of St.Gallen or other universities.

The Conversation Courses offer you the unique opportunity to improve your intercultural communication skills and to learn or deepen the language of your choice. You will do this together with other students under the guidance of a "native speaker" completely uninhibited and released from the pressure of grades and standardised textbook texts. The Conversation Courses are offered by the Language Services as part of the optional programme of the University of St. Gallen. Participation in the conversation courses is free of charge for all enrolled students and employees of the University of St.Gallen and other universities or universities of applied science.

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Registration for our Conversation Courses

Our conversation courses...

  • offer you the unique opportunity to learn languages or improve your knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • are taught by students in their mother tongue. This allows you to gain an authentic insight into foreign countries and cultures.
  • take place once a week from the third week of the semester in lessons of 45 minutes each.
  • are free of charge for students and staff of the HSG and other universities.


Beginn of the Registration and the Courses

3rd week of the semester
(from 6 March 2023 on)
Begin of the Conversation Courses of spring semester 2023
20 February 2023 Begin of the course registration (the registration might open a little later for some courses)


Active participation: In fairness to the student course instructors, we would like to ask you to actually attend the lessons of the Conversation Courses you register for until the end of the courses, if possible. If the number of active participants in a course decreases, the course may have to be cancelled prematurely.

Cancellation of your participation: Please deregister either with the course instructor or with the Conversation Course Administration ( if you are no longer able or no longer wish to attend a course.

In the table below you will find all conversation courses currently offered. Use the respective registration link to register for the corresponding course. To view the table, you must first click on the "Accept" button.


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Application as Course Instructor

Are you a "native speaker"? Do you enjoy teaching other people about your culture and language and earn something at the same time? Then apply as a Conversation Course Instructor for our Language Services!

This is what you will gain as a instructor of our Conversation Courses:

  • International experience at a well known business University
  • Fair compensation (CHF 25 per lesson + another CHF 25 for proper preliminary collaboration)
  • New international friendships that sometimes last over many years
  • Personal and professional improvement
  • Pleasure from teaching
  • Chance to offer a language service that is quite unique
  • Confirmation letter (if you teach a certain amount of lessons)

Every semester we are looking for new course instructors for our Conversation Courses. In your role as a language teacher, you will be in constant contact with the Language Services and will independently determine the content, pace and focus of your course according to the needs of your participants. You advertise your course online or during visits to the regular language courses and manage the participants.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have:


Application Period

15  January 2023 Begin of the application period for Conversation Course Instructors of spring semester 2023
6 February 2023 End of the regular application period


In the table below you will find all the languages for which we are currently looking for course instructors. Use the respective link to apply as a course instructor for your mother tongue. To show the table, you have to click on the button "Accept" below.

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Further Information

Factsheet about our Conversation Courses

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