Our psychological research interests are diverse, both in topics and methodological approaches.

Julia Nentwich's research interests are in qualitative organizational research. She is interested in issues of change and resistance, gender, diversity and "Otherness", and sustainable development. She is currently investigating the gender equality engagement of male leaders through her "Leaders for Equality" project.

Mohammed Shafiullah's research focuses on issues of "distributed cognition" as well as cognitive processes of intercultural communication. He contributes to the research interests of the SHSS and the Chair of Organizational Psychology in particular through his research on neurocognitive processes in cross-cultural management.

Anna Sieben is a cultural and social psychologist conducting research on parenting, large crowds, intimate relationships, and gender. With a regional focus on Turkey and Germany, she works in a cross-cultural comparative manner. She uses both qualitative interviews and experimental studies and combines them as a mixed-methods design.