Students learn about and apply scientific perspectives on human action, feeling and experience.

Psychology is taught at the HSG as part of the social and cultural science subjects in contextual studies. The goal of our teaching is the sustainable education of socially responsible thinking and flexibly acting future graduates who know how to apply more than just their specialized knowledge to a wide variety of practical areas.

In courses in psychology, students learn academic perspectives on human action, feeling and experience in various social and cultural contexts. The individual is the focus of interest, both in terms of the development of, for example, personality, identity, and alterity, and its social and relational construction in groups, organizations, or societies. Psychology is not a homogeneous discipline; different images of human beings, "schools", as well as epistemological standpoints are represented. In our courses we provide a diverse insight into this discipline.

Prof. Dr. Julia Nentwich currently teaches courses on the Psychology of Gender and Diversity and Psychological Perspectives on Sustainability and Behavior Change in the Assessment Year, as well as Qualitative Methods at the Master's level. In the DOK doctoral program, she is responsible for organizing the colloquium each spring semester.

Dr. Mohammed Shafiullah teaches various courses at the bachelor's and master's levels on social, cognitive, and neurological processes of professional skill development and communication of different cultures.

Prof. Dr. Anna Sieben offers bachelor's and master's level courses on parenting in cultural comparison, social psychology of large crowds, identity, and intimate (family) relationships. Comparative cultural perspectives play an important role in her teaching.

In addition, there are a variety of course offerings on topics such as personnel selection, health in the workplace, environmental psychology, consumer psychology, and others offered through our adjunct faculty.

Note: We do not offer an independent degree program (bachelor's or master's) in psychology at HSG. Psychotherapy training is also not available.