Research and publications

The chair for German Language and Literature researches a broad variety of topics and epochs.

One specific focus of our work is the 18th and 19th century, another is the history of the phonetic alphabet and its impact on Europeanness, which is currently in the process of being shaped into a monograph. In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Jörg Metelmann from the Cultural and Media Studies I currently also do much of my research on interdisciplinary knowledge transfer in the area of management education, for which we have developed the concept of Critical Literacy as an integrative core competence of the humanities on the basis of our recently published report on the integration of the humanities and social sciences at international business schools.


Our most recent publications:

Ulrike Landfester & Jörg Metelmann: Transformative Management Education: The Role of the Humanities and Social Sciences. New York 2019

Ulrike Landfester & Jörg Metelmann: The Value of Doubt: Humanities-Based Literacy in Management Education. In: Humanistic Management Journal, Springer, vol. 5(2), pp. 159-175, November 2020

Ulrike Landfester & Jörg Metelmann: De-disciplining Humanity: the Humanities' Case for Critical Management Literacy. In: Management Learning 1-21, 2020

Ulrike Landfester & Jörg Metelmann: Back to the Roots: Why Academic Business Schools Should Re-radicalize Rationality. In: Academy of Management Learning & Education, Published Online: October 2020