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Our students...

....are characterised by a great interest in practical problems and academic questions. In this way, they are able firstly to understand the mechanisms and processes driving today’s markets, and secondly to successfully implement solutions. They are curious, entrepreneurial, communicative, enthusiastic and take care to act in a sustainable manner.

MiMM alumni and alumnae:

  • identify challenges and the need for action from the viewpoint of customers and the market and adopt other entrepreneurial perspectives.
  • are familiar with all current market research methods and can apply them in a market setting.
  • conduct well-founded assessments of the effectiveness and efficiency of strategies and campaigns in the context of market-oriented corporate management (marketing management).
  • have honed their lateral thinking skills and can conceptualize innovative solutions applicable in dynamic market environments.
  • are well versed in the responsible usage of digital media.
  • combine qualitative and quantitative analytical and conceptual methods to solve present and future problems.
  • gauge the impact of entrepreneurial strategies on the market, society, and the environment in a realistic manner.
  • have learned to overcome even unexpected challenges in a spirit of personal responsibility.
  • act entrepreneurially at the individual, project-related and organizational level and formulate clear strategic recommendations.


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