Podcasts - 14.06.2024 - 15:22 

Machines That Fail Us #4 | Building different AI futures

Is our current way of building artificial intelligence the only way? In fact, our AI future could be different and more inclusive if we looked at the Global South. With Prof. Payal Arora, a Professor of Inclusive AI Cultures at Utrecht University. Host: Dr. Philip Di Salvo.
Machines That Fail Us #4 | Building different AI futures. Host Philip Di Salvo talks to Prof. Payal Arora.

Starting with its fourth episode, the "Machines That Fail Us" podcast series tries to make sense of our future with artificial intelligence and of the way forward. So far, most of the AI we can use has been built on ideas, concepts and expectations coming from Western techno-cultures and business approaches. Similarly, most of the issues and problems we have discussed during the previous episodes, such as AI errors and their discriminatory nature, are also strongly connected to the values we have given to AI from a Western-centric perspective. This is the time for imagining different approaches to the technology, especially to make it more inclusive and truly global. To start, in this episode, we discuss the importance of moving beyond the binary perspectives of utopian versus dystopian and Western-centric views of AI and technology at large. This shift is crucial for creating potential different AI futures that can be beneficial for the desires, expectations and rights of people of the entire planet. We start this work of future building with Prof. Payal Arora, a Professor of Inclusive AI Cultures at Utrecht University and the author of the forthcoming book "From Pessimism to Promise. Lessons from the Global South on Designing Inclusive Tech".


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