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Invitation to START Summit 2023: Reaching for Resilience

The theme of this year's START Summit taking place on March 23-24, 2023 is "Reaching for Resilience". 5000 participants are expected, including over 800 founders and 150 speakers who will share their personal experiences with the current and future generation of founders. Personalities like German professional footballer Mario Götze will also take part.

The START Summit has been established for 26 years in St.Gallen. Europe's leading student-organized conference for entrepreneurship and technology will again offer a diverse program in addition to workshops and panel discussions: matchmaking, pitching, speed dating, a pub crawl and a party will conclude festivities. "We enable all those who are passionate about the idea of entrepreneurship to enter the ecosystem and look forward to laying the foundation for a better future together," says Max Keller, student of economics and president of START.

Insights into the world of startups and technology

During the two-day conference, young and experienced founders from around the world will come together. Participants from over 30 countries will travel to St.Gallen. Over 150 speakers will share their experiences and startup stories with next-generation entrepreneurs and provide insight into key technologies of the 21st century. Speakers will address topics such as greentech, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics and cybersecurity. 

Other participants will include: Andreas von Bechtolsheim, founder of "Sun Microsystems", the leading provider of cloud networking solutions "Sun Microsystems", Hakan Hoc, co-founder of "AUTO1", Europe's leading used car marketplace and Severin Hacker from the language learning app "Duolingo". Founders of HSG-related companies are also working hard for a better future, such as Julian Teicke of Wefox, which offers digital all-in-one insurance solutions, and Lea von Bidder, inventor of the fertility bracelet "Ava". All three have already received the "HSG Founder of the Year" award, which is presented annually at the START Summit. Dietmar Grichnik, jury member of the founder competition and entrepreneurship professor at HSG, as well as German professional soccer player Mario Götze will also be present.

Reaching for Resilience

The world is changing. The startup ecosystem is not spared from this: fluctuations in demand, scarce investments, and layoffs across the board. But what's exciting is that the most resilient startups were founded during recessions. At START Summit 2023, successful founders, investors and visionaries will share their personal stories and describe why "resilience" played such a big role in the process. 

The detailed conference program and an overview of all guests can be found online at: und

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